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Corona Treatment Systems & Treater Sleeves

Corona Treatment is the Most Common Method of Increasing Surface Energy on Substrates to Promote Adhesion when Printing, Coating or Laminating.

All of the corona treatment units listed below utilize modern solid state controls with wet start capabilities.

Corona Request Form:
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NEW TE-A/B Series Treat Station

  • Easier to clean
  • SS 1/8" segmneted fingers
  • Two-sided treating
  • 1/8" SS Segmented Fingers
  • Available in 3kW and up
  • Split box, drop-through webbing
  • True 4" or 6" silicone sleeve dialectic rolls
  • 2-sided treating
  • Silicone/Hypalon, Ceramic, or Glass dielectric covered rolls available 
  • 5KW x 62”, 4” dia. rolls in stock for immediate delivery $16,000.00

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CH Brand TE-Style 1/8 finger SS Segmented Corona Treater - Integrated Solutions

CH Brand TH-Style Non-Segmented Fingers

  • Available in 3kW and up
  • 1-side treating one or two side treating
  • Used when higher Dyne level is required

CH Brand TH-Style Non-segmented finger Corona Treater - Integrated Solutions

CH  Brand 1" Aluminum Segmented Fingers

  • Available up to 3kW
  • Split box, drop-through webbing
  • 2-sided treating
  • Priced as low as $4,500.00

Label Treaters:

  • All-in-One System: Station, High Voltage Transformer and Power Supply in a single integrated unit for easy installation .
  • Remote Operator's Control allows placement for operator convenience.
  • New-TR System increases treat levels 40+% over current systems.
  • TR Design: System includes protective features for a high level of operator safety and extremely easy maintenance.

Label Corona Treaters - Integrated Solutions

Corona Treater Sleeves

  • Competitive Cost, Highest Quality
  • 4" Sleeve, $2.25/in
  • 6" Sleeve, $4.10/in

Other sizes available, including metric sizes.

Corona Treater Sleeves - Integrated Solutions


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